Institute of Directors 2018 Convention

Guernsey’s brand is, in all honesty, not an issue that I had previously been particularly engaged with. The future of the island and its place in the world did not particularly excite me, as having lived on the island all my life, I simply wanted to leave for university and never look back. I assumed that the island would weather any economic difficulties as it always has and continue to be a prosperous little safe-haven. I now realise how naïve my thinking had been. If Guernsey is to continue to flourish in today’s globalised world, it needs to innovate and find ways to solve niche global problems.
Simon Anholt’s talk, somewhat surprisingly, was quite different from what I had seen online about his globalised view of the world. In what he describes as his ‘day job’, rather than focusing on his global ‘Good Country’, he advises countries on policies that can better recommend them to the outside world. His purpose at the convention was to give a philosophical view on Guernsey’s brand, …